FAB GIST: BBA’s Beverly Osu, blames Nigerians for her break up with Angelo


Nigerians will never forget, Beverly Osu famous for the xxx scenes with her ex-lover, Angelo at the Big Brother, The Chase edition. Her heated and uncontrollable dancing coupled with her unrestrained discussions in the house, made Beverly an easy target to critics. Recently, the former reality television act, in a chat session with Hip Hop World, clears the air on certain misinterpreted issues.


Beverly & Angelo

The Prestige cosmetics’ model, was asked to define  her relationship status with Angelo and she answered,”We have broken up. Is it not Nigerians that caused it? Today, one paper will say Beverly is with this man, tomorrow another paper will say another thing, I don’t know.”


Beverly & Angelo moments in the Big Brother house

Last Christmas, Beverly Osu, posted on her Instagram account, a photo for her Christmas card cover and Nigerians were quick to respond crudely to the photo. she clarified the issue saying,”Apparently, that picture was taken two years ago. I had deleted it from my page but later put it back on my own Instagram page, and people started insulting their forefathers thinking that they are insulting me and I was just laughing. Are they the ones that paid for my photo shoot?  Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas and that is my own way so I don’t understand how my own will be affecting someone’s soul. Anyway let them continue talking.”

use bev this

Beverly’s Christmas card photo

The BBA housemate, Bimp who has also been rumoured to be in a relationship with Beverly, was also drilled by Hip Hop World to clear the air, about his relationship with Beverly. Bimp insisted they are just friends although he indicated that there might be a future spark  between them later on,”Hopefully, you never know. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Now that my relationship has ended, we’ll see. But for now, we are close, more like family.”


Bimp & Beverly at the Channel O Awards

Bimp added that, his relationship ended because his ex girlfriend was unfaithful despite his faithfulness to her in the Big Brother Africa show.


Beverly & Bimp’s bff photo

Beverly and Bimp have us guessing, a possible relationship alert in the next few months…or years…? What do our FAB viewers sniff?


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