New York Fashion Week: Duro Olowu Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Ready-to-Wear

Clashing prints may be every designer’s go -to look for Spring/Summer 2012, but Duro Olowu has been in on the secret of riot of prints for a long time now, and his Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 brings yet another dose of Duro Olowu signature clash of prints in a riot of hues. You may think we suggest the designer’s being predictable; far from it, as the marvelous magician of prints perfectly balances signature style with fresh frocks.

Balance is the very key to the diversity of what is on offer as well – for here is a collection that boasts looks one can spot on the First Lady Michelle Obama (One of Olowu’s loyal fans) alongside though you can imagine Solange Knowles sporting on the red carpet. Sleek tailored silhouettes in black juxtaposed by more flamboyant wide-legged jersey prints trousers in burgundy and gold, jewel tones of jade green and turquoise, fur trimmed print coats, patchwork shift dresses are all joys to behold and mere proof of the range offered by Olowu in a cohesive yet diverse collection.



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