Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

The Tower bridge is one of the World’s most famous bridge and it has been a tourist attraction ever since it was thrown open in 1982. Now it has given tourist another reason to come back as it has a latest attraction. The newest attraction for the Tower bridge is a £1m glass walkway which gives visitors a bird view of one of the worlds most famous bridges.



The west walkway floor opened on Monday and the East walkway is set to open on the 1st of December. This is the most significant change to the Tower bridge since it opened in 1982. The walkway is said to be 36ft long and 6ft wide, the glass floor panels weigh over 1,000 pounds. The walkway is also 140ft above the river Thames.

The walkway provides a never-before-seen view to all visitors and they can view the London life from up there. Visitors can watch the buzz of activity but would have to pay certain admission fee. Adult visitors are expected to pay as much as £9 to be able to access the walkway.; Children from age 5-15 are to pay £3.90 for admission and students would also pay £6.30 to gain access to the new Tower bridge walkway.


We certainly love what it looks like in the pictures and would not mind having a view but what do you think? Is £9 so much to pay to gain access a bridge?


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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