In typical Vin Diesel fashion, Vin Diesel shared the tribute video on his Facebook page, along with a message that somehow managed to be both a sweet tribute to his late friend and an allusion to the record-breaking weekend “Furious 7″ saw at the box office.

furious 7

“Pablo, this weekend you turned the world into a family…Thanks for the love…” Diesel wrote alongside the video. The video is in the form of the music video for “See You Again,” the Wiz Khalifa collab with Charlie Puth that plays over what is maybe the saddest montage of all time: the Paul Walker memorial that closes out “Furious 7.”

paul walker

The video has plenty of shots of Wiz and Puth performing the song, but fans will be putting the clip on repeat to see the movie’s touching exit for Walker, a montage showing Walker in the movies throughout the years, as well as a gorgeously shot race with Dom (Diesel), ending with Walker, in a white car, taking the exit on a freeway while Dom drives on.

It’s a truly sad yet beautiful farewell that regardless of whether you’re fan or not the tribute will resonate with you.

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