Two years ago, when Michelle “Turnip For What?” Obama stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she and Fallon did an excellent showcase of the Evolution of Mom Dancing, taking on moves such as the “Dougie” and the “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies.” So when the First Lady visited the host at The Tonight Show last night, it was only fitting that the two got back on stage for a brilliant sequel:

But Obama didn’t just dance. She talked about the family, too, and how the President just doesn’t get technology. “The other day the girls were trying to clue him into what a group chat was on text. He didn’t know, so we were sitting around the dinner table, and they all kind of looked at him and Malia said, ‘Oh, Dad, you’re so detached.'” He’s not the only parent the teenagers are trying to keep current though. Watch the First Lady discuss what Sasha and Malia are doing to protect her from bad music below:



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