On Sunday, the 5th of June 2011, celebrities stepped out in Los Angeles to attend this year’s MTV Movie Awards…but what was meant to be an awards show turned  into a raunchy fiasco…and who are we to judge?

First, the newly single and still sexy Justin Timberlake groped the young and pretty Mila Kunis, and vice versa. The two poked fun at rumours that they had hooked up, by grabbing each other in interesting places, stating that they are just friends who have such ‘hands-on’ rights.

They eventually went on to present the award for best male performance to British born Robert Pattinson.

To add some more spice to the show, Rpattz shocked and perhaps delighted the crowd by opting to kiss his sexy male Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner on the lips, after winning the award for best kiss with his off-screen girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Err..Nikki Minaj was raunchy enough just standing still….

And with all of the above to focus on, I bet you cant remember who won what now can you?

5 Responses

  1. Regina Ideh

    And some of us say those boobs are real!!! They scream #FAKE!

  2. nicola

    lol i loved the awards, loved the banter and the outfits… My girl Nicki has them out a bit dont she?!… im not complaining though lol loved the rob patterson/reese banter… and haha i missed the justin/mila bit but i wouldnt mind being Miss Kunis for the night! ;)

  3. Sharon

    I love me some Nicki!!! Ok, I know Nics is going to have my head for saying that…..lol.
    Robert Pattinson rocks!!!

  4. nicola

    Sharon how many times! shes miiiiinnnnneeeeeee (that was so in a whiiiiinnnnneee!) haha :) but maaaaybe we can share… MAYBE!!!!


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