Mo Cheddah is determined to let everyone know that she is most certainly back to reclaim the crown as Nigeria’s No 1 afro pop Queen.

With three quick new singles that have been topping charts – Destinambari, My Time & Tori Oloun – the sexy and stylish Mo Cheddah has now released promo pictures to also remind everyone that she is more than an entertainer; she is also a stylish diva.

We love her signature haircut, we love the way she switched things up with a sleek high ponytail and we love her beauty looks – going from nude to pretty pink.

We are excited to see these new promo pictures styled by Bubu Ogisi and photographed by Tobbie of TCD photography. She wears several pieces from iamISIGO’s new collection and pulls off a yellow WAFFLESNCREAM windbreaker over a crop top and leather look shorts. She looks absolutely stunning in the photos doing both dressed up and street style with ease.

These promo pictures are a Public Service Announcement – Mo Cheddah is officially back!

MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9712 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9727 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9735 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9744 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9769 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9792 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9804 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9820 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9826 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9832 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9849 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9874 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9890 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9897_ed MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9909 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9927 MoCheddah-promo-pics-Sept-2014-TCD_9937

Styling – Bubu Ogisi
Photography – TCD Photography
Makeup – Stella’s Addiction

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