Fresh off his stellar success at Arise Fashion Week Lagos where he was named today as one of five designers selected for Arise Fashion Week New York, Gavin Rajah was back in town just in time to showcase his breathtaking new collection on the final day of Mercedes Benz Johannesburg Fashion Week.

What Rajah has in store for Autumn/Winter ’12-13 is a collection of opulence.From drop waists to mullet skirts, from ’50s midis to high waist trousers and trouser suits, the fits were draped and the fabrics shimmered with sequins, beading, tassles, silk flower embroideries. While the romantic feel could have easily gone into princess-like fairytale territory, Rajah woman was anything but a princess, but a style queen confident of her sartorial choices and sexy with effortless ease, with peek a boo sheer indulgence baring just a little flesh – a bit cleavage here, bare legs there, but keeping it sophisticated.

The colour palette didn’t too veer too far from clean monochromes, soft nude shades and shimmering champagne, with only a few flashes of aqua midway through the collection which came as a cheerful surprise.

Rajah’s latest collection offered dream-like creations – ethereal in their beauty and absolutely timeless.


Images: Simon Denier/SDR Photo




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  1. Gavin Rajah

    Thank you for the review. Glad you could appreciate all the effort that went into it! GR


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