Meet the Adebanjos is coming to a theatre-an actual theatre-near you!! Depending on where you are of course. Nevertheless, near of far this is definitely an unmissable show and with less With less than 2 weeks to go till their 1st Live Theatre show in London on 13th/14th July we are all granted an in depth all access behind the scene 3 part series hosted by the TV personality Remel London.

Meet the Adebanjos is a family show about a family living in Peckham South London, consisting of Nigerian parents, British children and unwanted extended family.The show follows a larger than life Dad struggling to instill his old fashion African values in his Black British household. It is a clash of African traditional values versus British culture. With the mix of a radical Pentecostal pastor, a reggae loving tutor and a cousin who has just arrived from Nigeria how will Bayo cope and more importantly does he even stand a chance?

Have a little look-see at what this FAB hilarious series is actually about, before we see what goes on behind the scenes of its production.

[youtube] Below we we will get to actually see what inside the theatre looks like, meet the theatre staff, an exclusive interview with Creator Debra, hear what public think, win a chance to be in the show and be entertained by Pastor Michael dance moves! How lucky are we?

Belly-achingly funny, and a lot more relatable than a lot of us what like to admit, what goes on when such a world-class television series hits the road live? Take a look at the first episode below.


Next week we will get to catch up with the cast and find out what they have been doing for the past year, watch the actors prepare for rehearsals, meet our new director and find out from the producers what it takes to put on a theatre show. Excited? We sure are? The behind the scenes sneak peeks are bound to only build anticipation for the theatre production!

To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure you get your tickets and information relating to the actual live show right here!

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