So Rihanna’s finally hit us with a single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ from her pending album rumoured to be called ‘R8’. The first single came out last week. But with Rihanna fronting it and Kanye on executive production, it’s easy to forget one lesser known but equally talented name that went into making it – namely, the girl who wrote the track.


Before #BBHMM became a Rihanna world premiere, it was a just a 20-year-old girl from Berlin called Bibi; bitchin’ about her bad mood over unfinished beats from Roc Nation’s Deputy at a local LA studio.


Full name: Bibi Bourelly, isn’t just another fresh-faced songwriter in the world of major label hit churning. She ambitious, making her rounds in the music industry – just check out her Instagram to get an insight into her life.

On who she is…

My dad is a professional musician. I grew up with bass players from Senegal and Ghana in my kitchen talking about conspiracy theories. I got to tour with my dad at an early age too. So it’s in my genes. It’s what I do. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to. I always have. I’ve written songs for sixteen years, and I’m 20. It’s my way of communicating.


Yeah, I’m German. Berlin is who I am. Berlin is my music, the way I dress, the way I talk. I grew up running around the subways and streets of that city. Tagging, listening to cool music, sitting on the rooftops of abandoned buildings and not going home enough. Then I got in trouble and went to America.


On writing BBHMM

We were just vibing with Deputy in one of the local studios I record out of. It was back when I was into writing to beats, which I don’t do anymore. He played me it, I went in and started saying something like “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!”, because I was feeling ratchet that day. We got that shit done in three hours, then Dep went home and worked on it some more. It came out the way it did, and people seemed to like it.

Check out the rest of her interview with Noisey Vice

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