From Ldivaa Cosmetics, the classy retro experts, comes Levres, the first product of their classic era-style make-up line. Available for purchase August 2011 at select stores in the UK and Nigeria and globally by visiting Levres which is French for lips comes in Candy Pink and Natural Red Colours. The lipsticks are flavoured to smell.  It has a moisturizer and gives a retro but light look. The colours have been carefully developed to be complementary with all skin tones with the right coat.








With the high standard Ldivaa is setting, the cosmetic line is keeping to using nothing but the finest quality ingredients; Levres is proudly mixed and tested in the UK before mass production. You can be rest assured that Levres provides a healthy and fresh rich look while being beneficial to one’s complexion.

Natalie from Britains Next Top Model

A Tweet by Shondrella from the movie "Our Family Wedding"


Ldivaa Cosmetics, the luxury make-up line vision of designer & CEO Lara Odumosu, embodies a modern resurgence of timeless beauty. With its classic designs and product developments using the best formulas from the past, Ldivaa brings today’s women of the world effortless beauty and elegant style.


For more information about the Ldivaa line of products, or to schedule an interview with Lara Odumosu, e-mail your inquiry to [email protected]

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