Lalesso Lookbook

Lalesso is the brain child of Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser. After a trip to Lamu Island which is off the north coast of Kenya and being inspired by the beautiful surroundings both decided to create this brand.






In 2009 Lalesso handed over its in-house work shop to another of their Kenyan inspired ideas, SOKO. SOKO is now an independent charity based eco and ethical clothing production unit. Lalesso also works with other creative talents from Kenya in many aspects of their design stages. This includes beaded bracelets, hand carved coconut buttons and masai beading.


The collection showcases an assortment of printed fabrics and textures that play around with the body’s silhouette. Summer dresses, loose fitting trousers, bikinis, maxi-dresses and mini shorts, you will never be spoilt for choice.


Note: Please send all lookbooks to: lookbook[email protected]


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