On the surface, Kristen Stewart aka KStew and Emma Watson (no silly nickname) seem to have much in common apart from the obvious:

1. Both belong to the new generation of Hollywood leading ladies.

2. Both reached the dizzy heights of fame via fantasy franchises based on bestsellers by female authors, Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer and Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.

3. Both are preparing to turn a new leaf following the end of the said franchises (Emma Watson has already done so by getting the chop and enrolling at Brown University, albeit recently taking a sabbatical to go back to Hollywood and KStew in late 2012 when the last movie in the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2 finally premieres.

4. Thanks to said franchises, both lovelies are a couple of million pounds richer.

5. Both have graced the cover of Vogue US over the last few month with similar cover lines: ‘Twilight and Beyond, Kristen Stewart’ and ‘Emma Watson, Life after Harry Potter.’

While so many similarities seem to abound, dig a little deeper under the surface and you may start noticing that Kristen and Emma not so similar after all. First of, Kristen is a born and bred Califonia Girl (Nope, don’t let the vampiric complexion fool you!) while Emma is an English rose.

Moreover, one seems to have plenty of acting talent whereas the other’s acting range is limited to a whole lot of blinks and lip-biting (I shall leave you to decide who’s who here, FAB ones).

One is a pro clothes horse on the red carpet while the other always manages to make herself look like a horse’s rear end (Again, you decide who’s who here!).

Then of course, there is that all too obvious head shake that will go down in history at the MTV Movie Award 2011 when KStew mumbled through – wait for it, yup! – another awkward acceptance speech.

Looking at all the evidence, it is suffice to say, Miss Stew and Miss Watson – despite many similarities in terms of their careers – are world apart, but pray tell: Who is your favourite Vogue cover girl?

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this post have by no means been influenced by the writer’s blind Robsession.

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11 Responses

  1. Sophie

    Hmm, I assume the lip-biting, blinking, not-so-talented-rear-end-of-a-horse is…Kristen Stewart? Am I wrong? Lol. I prefer Emma Watson. I’m not a huge fan of either, but I enjoy Emma’s performances, movies, and her as a person more than I do Kristen. Plus, she dresses better. I think her Vogue cover is better, too. Whoever did Kristen’s cover did a mediocre job. It looks like they didn’t try. Emma’s is a bit more interesting and more flattering than Kristen’s. But, hey, I’m not really into Vogue, anyway.

    And you are cursed with Robsession? I feel sorry for you! I’ve never had that disease, but from what I’ve seen, it causes people to become insane, irrational, hear voices, and it prevents them from showering. I hope there is a cure.


  2. claire

    kristen f ing stewart the best shes real not fake love that about her keep it real kristen love you

  3. sam

    kristen stewart is way better than emma watson kristen has taught my daughter its ok to be yourself and dont let anything get to you so i say kristen im also a fan of her work but her attitude to life about just being yourself and dont care what anyone thinks has helped my daughter to be a stronger person so i thank her for that

  4. tyler

    Im a 16 year old boy and i want a girlfriend like kristen stewart not only is she sexy but cool with the guys and not high maintenance like some girls can be i like her style laid back down to earth and when dresses up she is beautiful thats what i want in a girlfriend

  5. paul

    kristen looks like a lady on the cover very nice her cover is better im from england but i love kristen stewart i no it should be emma because shes from england but i love kristen love her style always have always will

  6. Niky

    Definitely Emma, she’s way much better than Kristen will ever be just in everything. Acting, fashion style, lifestyle, behaviour, intelligence, approach to fans, performing in front of the public, speeches, opinions… Doesn’t need any other explanation. There’s no doubt about it.

  7. Kris

    Emma by a landslide! Not hating on Kstew( i think she is cute) but Emma is our generations movie icon, since the age of 11! And she is beautiful,intelligent,sweet,respectful and amazing role model!


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