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Kendall Jenner And Olivier Rousteing In Balmain For Sunday Times Style


Kendall Jenner is determined about her climb to success as a model and we have to hand it to her – the girl sure knows what she is doing. 18-year-old Kendall, as she now prefers to be called, has the perfect expressions for a model as well as the prefect body frame.

She has been getting more and more notice lately and we can’t help but applaud her efforts.

Having already walked a number of shows at the ongoing New York Fashion Week, we love that she also has time to still pose for magazines and has landed quite a number of pages in the Sunday Times Style magazine as she poses with the Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, wearing Balmain (of course).

Speaking on wanting to be a fashion model, she states: “I only knew certain names, like Naomi and Gisele. They were superheroes to me, and I wanted to be that to some little girl reading a magazine or looking online.”

Check out more shots from the editorial below:

2-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 4-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 5-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style IMG_8916 Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style kendall-jenner-in-balmain-olivier-rousteing-for-sunday-times-style tumblr_nbix0llFss1ruau6so5_1280


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