Kendall Jenner is sure on a roll this year. The young member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is the girl of the moment in the fashion world as she lands not one, but two covers for the September 2014 issue of Teen Vogue magazine.

kendall-jenner-teen-vogue-fall-2014-cover01 kendall-jenner-teen-vogue-fall-2014-cover02

Kendall Jenner lands this cover and adds it to her growing list of fashion achievements which also includes a cover for Love magazine, walking the runway for a number of luxury brands as well as being tapped for Givenchy’s 2014 ad campaigns – and the year is still young so she definitely will be getting more coverage.

Kendall Jenner has just hit another level on her ascension through the fashion ranks: a plum spot on Teen Vogue‘s September cover as “fashion’s new IT GIRL.” She shared a sneak peek of the issue on her Instagram and we have to say she looks great rocking a jaunty, large felt hat, thick brows, an architectural lean — it’s all very model-y, indeed. kendall-jenner-teen-vogue-fall-2014-cover03

Emma Summerton photographed Kendall in bold fall looks for the magazine with looks from Marc Jacobs, Diesel and more styled by fashion editor Elin Svahn.

Last week, a recent interview with LOVE Magazine had Kendall reveal that she thinks her last name held her back when it came to modeling. We’d say she’s doing pretty well now.

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