A recent picture (on the right) of the sexy Nigerian rapper Kel’s has doing the rounds on a number of blogs with allegations of skin bleaching to account for a lighter shade and different look.

Some even have gone as far as saying the rapper looks ‘a bit off’ whatever that means.

Let’s play a little game of spot the differences, FAB ones… All you’ll notice is Kel has lost some weight, has gone for a lighter shade of hair colour and looks significantly lighter. While to the untrained eye and the conspiratory mind, this may be just the evidence of skin bleaching, for those of us in the know about photography and lighting, it is clear that Kel’s lighter complexion is due to direct flash – when the flash from the camera hits the person straight in the face as opposed to being bounced off a surface – and not any so-called ‘toning creams.’

Mystery solved!

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