Rumours of Kanye West taking a step into the fashion world have been circulating for a while now; well today representatives of Def Jam confirmed that Kanye West and Jay Z will be teaming up with top Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.








Riccardo Tisci is to design the front cover for the deluxe edition album that the FABulous duo Mr. West and Mr. Z have come together to create. The special release of the ‘Watch the Throne’ album will be available from August 12th – 22nd at Best Buy shops in America and it will also include four bonus tracks. As you can see from the image below the design resembles a cross shape design which has been printed onto gold mylar. Riccardo Tisco designed the patterned artwork while Joe Zeff rendered the gleaming gold it has been embossed on it.


'Watch the Throne' album cover design


Kayne West & Riccardo Tisci


Jay Z & kanye West


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  1. nicola

    ahh boo why isnt ‘WATCH THE THRONE’ available here! :”( boooooo


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