We all remember that iconic moment Kanye West stole Taylor Swif’s moment at the VMA Awards in 2009, well JT just pulled the same thing but in the cutest funniest way possible at the iHeartRadio Music awards.

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Backstage And Audience

Justin Timberlake may take the crown for the best Taylor Swift impersonation yet. Last night, Swift won the award for Best Lyrics at the iHeartRadio Awards, to which she and Timberlake responded with a freak out session a la T. Swift style. Then, J.T. pretended he won the award himself, got up, and walked towards the stage in a fit of mock emotion—that is, before Swift went to accept the award. In her speech, clarified once and for all that, contrary to popular belief, the lyrics in “Black Space” do not include “Starbucks lovers.”


Timberlake, as a good friend of Swift’s, was not attempting to pull a pseudo-Kanye West circa 2009. He soon sat down, and Swift took the stage to accept her award.

It was Taylor’s winning moment, but Justin Timberlake may have stolen the spotlight—just a tiny bit.

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