andrienne_banfield_jones_jada_pinkett_smithOn Friday, Jada Pinkett Smith took to social media to share a holiday snap of her mum taken by daughter Willow Smith. Alongside the image of her mum who is 61 in a bikini, the actress wrote:

“Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61!

I wanna be her when I grow up:)
Happy Friday…”

Jada’s mum Adrienne Banfield Jones, believe it or not, is 61. Despite her addiction to drugs shortly after she fell pregnant with Jada in her teens which continued for the next 18 years, she seems to have cleaned up her act well and is looking a picture of good health and fitness. This is of course not the first time Adrienne has attracted media attention for her youthful looks. When Jada took her mum along to New York Fashion Week last September, she wowed the media with her stunning looks.

Seems good genes run in the family, right?


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