It’s Thursday and its that time of the week to look back and just say a word of prayer for how far the Lord has brought you. Thursday is a day when some celebrities take to social media to share pictures of what life was like before the spotlight. Its that time where we see some oldies from back in the days.

Some of these celebrities have had it rough growing up and so they share the pictures so people can see how far they have come. Most pictures are way too cute while  others would keep you laughing each time you come across them. Take a look at some throw back pictures of your favourite celebrities.


Davido (Back in the days)

Davido (Back in the days)



He still looks really cute as ever. Guess you don’t need a fortune teller to be able to tell whose throw back pics this is. Oh well it’s the one and only omo baba olowo. Davido has always been a cutie, guess the only change we notice here is that he is slimmer now but he still has the same face. He is currently the most sought after artist in Nigeria and has bagged a couple of awards this year. See recent pics below.

Davido (Now)

Davido (Now)

This artist calls himself the best dressed in the industry and guess this picture says it all. This is the throwback picture of Limpopo master. We must say that his suru has lere. Kcee has always been famous and wealthy but we are glad fame has found him. But this has not stopped him one bit in being very’ fashionable’ See after pics of him below.

Throw back of Kcee

Throw back of Kcee


Little Toolz

Little Toolz

She is one of Africa’s most celebrated OAP and she has the body that so many crave for. She is royal, she is Toolz. She has same face and look but maybe what changed is the additional hips. At this point, she never would have thought that one people people would celebrate her for her works and more for body. See recent pics of her banging body.


Grown and Curvy Toolz

yvonne old

Baby picture of Yvonne Nelson

This Ghana beauty queen has always been cute but she is way finer now and we thank God for her life. She is Ghana’s most famous actress and has featured in over 50 movies. This is what she looked like before fame stepped in and made everything better. Take a look at what she looks like now.

yvonne new

john old

Cute Baby John Dumelo

He was cute and he is now unbelievably handsome. That’s the story of this Ghanaian actor. John Dumelo shares his throwback picture and he is proud of who he was and who he has become. See recent photo below.

john new


Adorable baby Tiwa

The eyes can sell her out anytime. You certainly do not need to guess as many times to tell who this is. That’s Nigeria’s Queen of the music industry. The most delectable and sought after female artist in the industry. Tiwa is no stranger to beauty as she has always been gorgeous and cute.


Now Mavin FirstLady, Tiwa Savage


Young Omawunmi

Omawunmi please is that You? Thank God for fame that has thought the right choice of hair. That’s throw back picture of Omawunmi before the spotlight. She didn’t change so much but that hair is a big NO. See recent photo of this Nigerian songstress.


dilish old

Cute Little Dillish

If you can’t tell who this is at a glance then… That’s BBA the chase winner Dillish Mathews. See how cute she was as a child. She still has same face and smile. She was such a gorgeous child. If we looked this good as children then we don’t have any reason not to share our pictures. She has always been a gorgeous woman.

dilish new

Cute grown Dillish

halima old

Back in those days, Halima Abubakar

This Nigerian actress certainly got everything wrong in this picture. From the pose to the clothes but guess what? Its an old picture and that’s what life before all the glitz and glamour. Halima Abubakar has something common that fame didn’t take away and that’s taking pictures in the studio. Check out what fame brought her way.

halima new

Present day, Halima Abubakar


From those days, Maje Ayida and Toke Makinwa

She is the life of the party and that’s her childhood sweetheart turned husband Maje Ayida. Toke Makinwa has always been gorgeous and we are glad to share her throw back picture with you. These two have come a long way though. See what they look like right now.


Years After, Toke and Maje

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  1. purple

    lol, good one. see Omawunmi’s hair- crazy tins. Tools no get any tool then. Tiwa is still as cute. Chei, KCEE


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