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Its that time of the week again when we get to show you those we truly appreciate. God has made some people special and blessed them with all that anyone would so desire and one of such people is PRAIZ. Praiz became a household name soon after he emerged 2nd runner up at the very first season of reality TV show MTN project fame. He charmed the world with his amazing voice and his looks.




Unlike so many others, Praiz pushed for what he believed in and that’s what made him who he is today. He has steadily remained relevant in the entertainment industry with series of awards and nominations.

praiz sings




Praiz has also stayed true to his type of music and also had a mix of other genre to spice things up a little bit. Its Monday and we are not ashamed to bring you a true African in whom we are well pleased. We bring you Praiz, he is a true gentleman and he is simply amazing in all its sense.


Watch a video of Praiz showing off the strength of his voice.

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