Before I start talking about Alexa Meade’s work let me indulge you in a little 80s flashback to get the mind going.









In case you haven’t realised, i am a sucker for 80s music, wham, Cluture club, A-ha, i love them. Sometimes i wish could go back like Jennifer Garner (13 going on 30, Duh!) and live the life, but that is another post  for another day.

The Reason for the “A-ah” reference was to set the scene of all those cartoons, movies and tv shows you watch that bring elements of one world to another. Space Jam? the Mask? Godzilla? ringing any bells?

That’s exactly what Alexa Meade’s was trying to achieve in her work but, using the medium of painting.

If you look closely you will realise that the works aren’t actually paintings but a painted set and and a painted model.


















Its not anything groundbreaking, she is not creating a new movement in art but, it is definitely something to feast your eyes on.

Taking the her idea further, she take those model out of their element to contrast them with the real world, creating a clear juxtaposition between her work and reality. it kind of makes it surreal, like you were a character in that A-ha Music video.

Alexa Meade


Alexa Meade

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