The business psychologist lives in London

Here we go again, just when it looked as if the representations of Blacks in the British media had improved, and cultural behaviors understood, the BBC’s Aprentice introduced us to Edna Agbarha on Tuesday night.

One of ten siblings, the 36 year-old London born Edna rose from working as a teenager on her uncle’s Covent Garden market stall to her first position as a Business Psychologist and coach. Edna holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, two Masters degrees and enjoys cycling in her free time.

I’m desperate to root for her, but the lady ‘who doesn’t suffer fools gladly’ is already rattling feathers and appears to have a bit of a bad attitude. Selecting herself as project manager, was a surprising success and the girls managed to avoid the boardroom as their Smartphone App had more downloads then the boys. Edna looked a little relieved when it was announced that the girls had won the task and was sent back to the house to enjoy a special culinary treat. Here’s hoping she grows on us.

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  1. Suby

    Watched it as well and she was slowly driving me up the wall to. There are 2 or 3 other contestants that just come across very “Wish I could slap that attitude out of their faces” but who am I to say, that’s whats probably got them that far in life.

    I felt sorry for Edna is the 1st episode as the others in the group where setting her up to fail I felt, if they had lost the 1st task, she was sure to be the one they all ganged up on, “lets kick out the odd one out” syndrome.

    However she really did push my buttons in the second task, good for her to put herslf forward as project manager, but what the HELL was that presentation about, it looked like the kind of presentation one may see at “Porn United” in Vegas. I am a geek and found that presentation of the app very offensive and boring.

    I am still routing for her cause I think if she can tone done the crazy gear, makeup and fake hair, there is a very determined smart and beautiful businesswoman there.


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