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Inspiration Or Imitation? Naomi Campbell On Interview Magazine VS. Lira On New African Woman

2Naomi vs. Lira

When it comes to fashion and art, it goes without saying that there are times when two ideas will be similar and portrayed in similar ways. We have seen this severally in fashion and clothing and now it seems it has also moved to fashion and art.

A few days ago the special 6-cover issue of Interview magazine was revealed with Photographers choosing different women who they think represent the general idea of beauty to cover the magazine. Of course Naomi Campbell was one of the 6 women who graced the covers, photographed and chosen by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.

One little hiccup about the Naomi Campbell cover for Interview Magazine’s September 2014 issue is the originality as it looks extremely similar to the cover of South African singer Lira on New African Woman magazine’s April 2013 issue (Thanks to Melissa Abrams for the pointer on this similarity).

interview-magazine-september-2014-covers03-e1408550797590 lira-new-african-woman

On both covers there is a love for gold statement jewelry. While Naomi Campbell is wearing jewelry by Balmain (and no clothes), Lira is wearing pieces by designers Sylvester Falata, 46664, Black Coffee, Stoned Cherrie, Bongiwe Walaza, Palesa Mokubung, African Mosaique, Gert-Johan Coetzee, David Tlale, Errol Arendz, Maria McCloy and Dipo Kreations in the magazine.

We love a good magazine cover but can’t help but wonder, was the look that good that Interview magazine decided to recreate it with Naomi Campbell or was it just a creative coincidence. What do you think?

2Naomi vs. Lira


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One Response to Inspiration Or Imitation? Naomi Campbell On Interview Magazine VS. Lira On New African Woman

  1. Gerroutahere says:

    I love Lira though! Jeez!

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