I Rep Turkey: October Magazine Covers

Another new month, another news stands check from your very own Nigerian Turk, Sinem. This month I am bringing you covers from Elle Turkey, Vogue Turkey, Elele, All and Harper’s Bazaar Turkey.

Let’s kick it off with Vogue Turkey.




If you recall, I absolutely loathed the July cover and loved the August one and was not that impressed with the September cover. October? The main cover line screams 100% Power and while the sequined skirt, huge patent belt, futuristic metallic gold piece and military cap does say power I am not sure about the all-too-strained expression on Edita Vilkeviciute’s face in this cover image photographed by Emma Summerton. But still, for me, it is a step up from Natalia Vodianova’s less than glam cover last month.

Next up, Harper’s Turkey.

My favourite this month has to be this image of the ever ethereal Lily Cole lensed by Koray Birand. Harper’s Bazaar Turkey celebrates its 18th birthday with this Exclusive Collections issue and what a celebration it is with Lily dressed up all in white looking fierce on this cover.

Another franchise magazine with a Turkish editorial board, but with an altogether different result.

This cover is a stark reminder as to why I stopped buying the Turkish Elle (along with Turkish Marie Claire) a long time ago as they serve yet another once hot cover now freezing cold as sloppy seconds of the American Elle. Seen in, bought it – don’t need it in Turkish translation some three months later.

Which brings me to something altogether fresher and hotter!

You may have noted by now I am ever so slightly when it comes to my FAB find ALL which I discovered only this summer and have already subscribed to. While I have nothing to nit-pick about this cover, I can’t help but think their covers are all a bit samey-samey – pop pretty girl in pretty outfit in front of a white backdrop, snap, crackle, pop, et voila: your monthly cover. Hmmmm… Hope they can jazz it up next month!

And finally last and probably also the least is Elele.

While I totally love Elele’s original, non-franchise content and fashion spreads, I know that the covers could be a bit of a hit and miss. And this one – a definite miss – for me, is the very reason I cannot stand ‘It’ personalities on magazine covers (here it is journalist Ayse Arman) – they always end up looking a bit too cheesy rather than fashiony. And the whole colour-blocking in the graphics with the bright yellow backdrop and the teal masthead and lines – not working, Elele!

Until next month’s Turkish magazine newsstand, stay FAB!



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