It occured to me only this morning – today being the second day of December and of course the day when most Turkish monthly glossies hit the stands – that I have not repped Turkey in a while. In fact, my Turkish genes are crying from my last Nigeria outing where many were convinced I was mixed race Nigerian, so let’s have a quick sweep of what to find on Turkish news stands this month and rep Turkey a little in the process.

Possibly my favourite cover of the month, this Marie Claire cover with one of Turkish TV’s rising stars, Meryem Uzerli, who plays Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’s legendary concubine-come-queen Hurrem in the TV series Magnificent Century. Meryem looks fierce and doesn’t leave much to imagination in this low-cut white blouse.

The second cover shows Meryem looking far more demure in a close up which shows just a hint of a green feather boa and a tiny bit of cleavage.

Vogue Turkey welcomes the festive season in style with a fierce cover which contrasts the Christmassy colours of red and green ever so subtly  with American model, of Polish, German, and Irish descent Jacquelyn-Jablonski was styled by Daniele Paudice and photographed by Matt Irwin.- well, this is Vogue after all… Having said that though, only days ago, Daily Mail ran a story on this cover titled “The case of disappearing breasts” speculating over a heavy-handed use of the Photoshop airbrush in reducing Jacquelyn’s cleavage to – errmmm – a flat slate of white skin.

Heather Marks lensed by Turkish photography whiz Koray Birand looks gorgeous and this makes a nice, neat, clean, polished cover much in the style of ever polished Harper’s but will it make me by the mag? Nah….

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, this pocket-size fashion and shopping bible is becoming my firm favourite when it comes to Turkish glossies. they have pages and pages of fashion buys, interesting features and amazing photography. Yes, the covers are a tad too predictable, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?


Model Sinem Kobal shimmers – quite literally so – in green off-set by orange type on the cover of the Turkish Elle. We’ll forgive her the cheesy grin all in the spirit of Christmas. While nothing says Christmas like a bit of shine and shimmer, not sure about the orange though… Just makes me think I need to go grab lunch!

Dark, exotic cover girl in the shape of Melike Ipek Yalova? Check. Pretty jewel tone dress? Check? Neutral type that doesn’t distract from the image? Check. So how come this cover falls short off the mark? Hmmmm… Dark, exotic girl looking a tad bit bored while perfecting the Model 101 pose? Check. Garish red and green combo that screams Christmas? Check.Pretty jewel tone dress that looks a little too skimpy for comfort? Check. Need I say more?

Another month, another franchise cover from the Turkish Cosmo which doubtless has done and will continue to do the rounds all around the world from Australia to Belarus… Boring!

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