Name: Yetty Oluwabunmi Ogunnubi

FAB thing about your name: Yetty is the short form or nick name for Yoruba name Yetunde (Iya-tunde) meaning mother has come back. I was giving birth to just after my grand mother passed away and Oluwabunmi is a yoruba name as well meaning ‘God has giving me gift’.

Country of origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about your country of origin: The Rich Cultural Heritage, a country which has over 50 languages and over 250 dialects and ethnic groups.. (that’s an Absolute Fab facts), Nollywood and Suya!

Occupation: Entreprenuer, Artist, Fashion Writer,Co-Producer- Uber Africa Unmasked, Creative Director/ Head Designer- P.A.W & Revolution by Yetty D

Describe yourself in 3 words: Boss Lady, Go-getter, Humble

What makes you FABulous African Black: I am Fab because I stay true to myself, I’m Confident, Passionate, a strong dudu (black) Superduper lady who is Proud of her heritage and believes in God first.

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8 Responses

  1. Rita George

    Wow she is defo Fab! Love her designs and she is soo adorable, soft spoken and Talented! Keep on the good works Yetty D! Your fans adore you. *kisses*

  2. Bandele

    This is the first time I enjoyed reading the meaning of a name…and a name I already know the meaning of. Yes, you’re certainly talented, adorable and extremely loveable too. Keep it going, soft spoken Boss Lady.

  3. Adedotun Odegbile

    Yetty is definitely Fabulous African & Black (FAB). She is also very talented, dedicated and hardworking. She got double gifts of beauty and brains from God and yet stays ever so humble.

  4. olaide Ademodi(LD-designs)

    True that yetty! Well done my darling cheering u on my fab Nigerian sista… all the way,creativity never sleeps.

  5. Kurupt Fortay

    To be sincere,YETTY D is the most creative Nigerian lady i know.She has got talents and her works are very unique.God will take you places my dear.Just keep the faith alive. I love you but GOD loves you more


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