Name: My stage name is Lesoul, but my real name is Wole Fagbayi.

FAB thing about your name: It has several interpretations, which for the most part are all true. (Le Soul in French means ‘The Soul’, I sing soul music. Its also a shortened form of Wole Soul).

Country of origin: United States of Nigeria.

FAB thing about your country of origin: We are a multi cultural nation with beauty and creativity in our diversity. We are a unique people.

Country of residence: Same as country of birth, United States of Nigeria.

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Model & Actor.

Describe yourself in three words: Sexy, Suave & Soulful.

What makes you FABulous, African, Black:  The very essence of my music is what makes me FABulous African Black”!

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  1. Kirstie Petschen

    You already know I agree… You are FABulouse! Be Blessed in all you do!


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