Name: Victor Kwen Akomaye

FAB thing about your name: Well people know me as Kwen, which means peace, and it is name that when called, people always want to know where I am from and the meaning of my name, sometimes they mistake it for Kwame or Kween. I always have to say ma name twice just to make it clear to people. Then victor as we all know means a ‘battle winner’ and my surname Akomaye means ‘I’ve not spoken’….well thats the fabulous thing about my names, and I am living the life of my names.. Kwen-Peace/Victor-Battle winner/Akomaye-Not spoken…I win all d the BATTLES,..Bring peace to the land…Never spoken of war again….

Country of origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about your country: We are black, we are hard-working, we can adapt to any system of living and when it comes to fashion, we spit fashion….Nigerians are blessed to survive in good or in bad situations…We are great people…Yes!!!


Country of resident: Nigeria

Occupation: Model/student/soon to be fashion designer..

Describe yourself in 3 words: I’m FAB. I’m difficult to understand….and I love fashion….I am Kwen!

What makes you Fabulous African Black: My sense of style makes me fabulous….my beautiful dark skin makes me African…and my being able to adapt in any system of living makes me the black man that i am…i am FAB and proud of who i am….

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  1. Patrick Abang

    I luv ur swags bro, u r ma role model, pls am gona send u a frnd request on f.b pls acept me.


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