Name: Sally Iriri

Fab thing about your name: Sally is an English word used especially by the military, it means making a sudden charge or an unforeseen start into an activity. So far, my name has been the motto of my existence, it stimulates my will to be exactly everything that is the woman I am; Mother, Model and aspiring filmmaker.

Country of Origin: Nigeria.

Fab thing about your country: Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups and 36 states with different traditional beliefs and attractions. The richness of the Nigerian culture which is unique in every state and ethnic group is phenomenal.

Country Of Residence: United Arab Emirates.




Occupation: Student (SAE Institute)and Part-time Model.

Describe yourself in three words: Svelte, thoughtful, and enthusiastic.


What makes you FABulous African Black: To spare a person shame is most human; this is me, this is what keeps me sane and FABulous. Africans are known to be hospitable, religious yet filled with pride of the richness of our artistic intellect; I never forget ethnicity wherever I go. Being Black to me means being a survivor, strong willed, peaceful and congenial, these qualities make me a FABulous woman.

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