Name: Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

FAB thing about your name: The FAB thing about my name is that it sounds sexy. It calls attention here in the white man’s world. Some say it sounds like a terrorist’s name, but I ask them, “have you ever seen a bald and black terrorist like myself?” (lol). And you can imagine how hard it is to try and explain all these in Portuguese seeing as that is the official language here in Brazil. Brazilians sometimes find it difficult to pronounce my name and they end up calling me ‘Sair-Gee’ . When I attended the audition of Big Brother 6 last year, after receiving a call from Angela Satori of BBA South Africa, I was asked to pronounce my name which I did and she (Angela) said it was a really sweet name. Well, that made me blush (lol).


Country of origin: Nigeria/ Lagos

FAB thing about your country of origin: As they say “There is no place like home”. The FAB thing about my home is that we possess the ability to improvise and adapt to any given situation. We have had our struggles but in the end, we can still beat our chests  and able to call ourselves a success. For example, our entertainment industry has greatly improved, seeing as we started from almost nothing; we have never given up the fight.


Country of residence: Brazil/ Brasilia DF (Distrito Federal)

Occupation: I’m a student and a model for Mega Models, Brazil/Brasilía DF

Describe yourself in three words: *Talented* *Easygoing* *Humble*

What makes you FABulous African Black: Being original, being proud of my skin color and never letting Africa down. Like my father always says “Africa is the most blessed among all continents whether you like it or not, because Jah Jah made it so”


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40 Responses

  1. Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

    Thanks to FAB mag, I really do not know how much i can thank you and your crew for making me look this stunning… all i have always wanted in my life is to show the world that where there is hope there is life…Just keep on telling yourself “You´re a Star” THE WORLD OF BEING A WORLD INTERNATIONAL MODEL HAS JUST BEGUN.

  2. Patricia

    Like we say here in Brazil DELICIOUS DELICIOUS THIS WAY YOU GONNA KILL ME!!! He is gourgeous!

  3. josy

    Um verdadeiro amigo é alguém capaz de tocar teu coração desde o outro lado do mundo.

  4. Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

    Thanks so much Ese hahahaha I am so happy to be here

  5. Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

    Muito Obrigado galera… Eu adorei todos os comentarios que voces fizeram aqui, e que deus estaja nos corações de todos voces Obrigado mais uma vez.

  6. Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

    Thank you so much gente, Muito Obrigado gente eu estou adorando de mais Add no facebook depois gente, adoro voces todos, Obrigado

    • Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

      Muito Obrigado Ettielly jkkkk tamos juntos…Saheed

  7. Patricia de Magalhães Pessoa Albuquerque

    Lindo de mais…. me enche os olhos de alegria ver suas fotos perfeitas,sou sua fã nº1 :]

  8. Janaynna Brasilia


  9. rafaella

    Woowoww that look sooo awesome u are hot hot love u baby boy 😉

  10. kalytha karen

    Nossa esta muito lindo adorei…
    apesar de tanta beleza uma pessoa maravilhosa tanto por dentro como por fora …

    by: kalitha karen

  11. Marianaa

    Nossa parabéns um nego lindo você …
    pelo futuro bela frente em , Beijão da Nega

  12. Delliany

    além de lindo vc é inteligente e tem orgulho da sua origem
    admiro pessoas como vc

    good luck

  13. Francis

    This is lovely bro,am proud of you,keep up the goodwork,the sky won’t even be the limit.

    • Saheed Olamilekan Adeyemi

      Amei de mais os comentarios galera obrigado mais uma vez

  14. Renata

    Viva a África! Viva os negros!
    Lindas fotos Saheed .. FABULOSO!!

  15. Juliana Gama

    Fico feliz por fazer parte do inicio de sua carreira, parabéns pelo sucesso 🙂


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