Name: Nnaemeka Onyeka

FAB thing about your name: From the famous Name Emeka that is so popular to Nigeria from the eastern part of Nigeria (IGBO’S) meaning “GOD IS WITH ME” and added to the Nna meaning king, you could tell that this king is very lucky to have God with him

Country of origin: NIGERIA/GHANA

FAB thing about your country of origin: Well since i share two heritages from two of West-Africa’s  countries Nigeria has been a country that I have almost lived  all my life from the bustling city of Lagos where my first cry was heard at LUTH to St Judes Private School, Badagry Grammar School where i had my education I have really loved everything it presented my way and it has now come to shape me into the man i am today. Ghana a serene country where one’s mind is filled with so much in way tamed the wild side of me and after 7years in Accra i have come to differentiate both cities and appreciate them for what they have done for me

Country of residence: Ghana

Occupation: Actor/Model/Student

What makes you FABulous African Black: That I strongly believe who I am and not going to compromise, believing in my dreams and actually making steps in realizing them. knowing the X-factor in me this gives my blood more vim to strive harder.

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15 Responses

  1. john kwame

    wow this guys is soaring higher and higher he was just feature recently on VOGUE MAGAZINE you are so great man

  2. Biju

    I think u have bright future in this field..i wish u all the success your career and life…

  3. julius sly

    There is something unique about this guy keep it up bro

  4. roland

    i like his interview here on fab nice intelligent young man why dont you guys give him a bigger interview on your magazine

  5. obeng owusu isaac

    you know i am your number one critic and support.:)

  6. funmi

    Are you serious, fab you published what this guy wrote as meaning of nnaemeka, talk of emeka. This is sad that some igbo kids nowadays can’t fully interpret their native names well. I am half igbo, half yoruba, and my brother’s igbo name is nnaemeka, and it means “father(or God) has done well.” sorry i just had to write the correct meaning it irritated me he got his own name meaning wrong. Tufiakwa!!!


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