FAB thing about your name: My vernacular  name is Moipone and I was named after my great, great grandmother.  It is a beautiful Sotho name meaning  “she who has pride” or “she who sees herself” or “mirror.”  My middle name Veronica is Latin and means “true image.”  It is purely  coincidental that the two names mean  roughly the same thing. My grandmother who named could not speak a word of English.  When I asked her what Veronica meant she told me she had no idea and that through some mystical way, I had chosen the name. I think that is pretty FAB.


Country of origin: South Africa


FAB thing about your country of origin: My country and its people are pretty awesome.  We have been through quite a lot, are very resilient and have a great sense of humour.  We have learnt what it is to unify and live in relative harmony despite our diverse languages and culture.  We have 11 official languages and an extraordinarily beautiful country, it really is a very interesting place. We have learnt to celebrate who we are, where come from and I am very excited about where we are going.  In my very biased opinion, there simply is no other place like SA.


Country of residence: England

Occupation: Mother. Entrepreneur, Events management consultant (www.malaikamanagement.com) . Part of the team of FABulously ROCKing ladies at I Rock UK! It is a social enterprise which provides mentoring, training and access to employment programmes for primarily ethnic minority young people.  improving their employability prospects, enhancing their long-term socio-economic opportunities and empowering them to make informed career choices.  We are celebrating all things African at our gala dinner/fashion show event called “Tribes of Africa” on 26th May.  Please visit: www.irockuk.org

What makes you FABulous African Black: My thick, chocolate skin. My passion and drive.  My insatiable appetite for all things Afrika and how we can make this amazing continent a better place”

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