FAB thing about your name:  Maria was given to me by my aunty mums sister, it’s a popular name I believe always used in songs and easy to remember.

Country of origin: UGANDA

FAB Thing about your country:  UGANDA IS KNOWN FOR THE PEARL OF AFRICA BEAUTIFUL despite the small size of the country it is so rich on culture. We are friendly welcoming warm people.

Country of residence: UNITED KINGDOM


Describe yourself in 3 words: AMBITIOUSE, BUBBLY, CARING

What makes you Fabulous African Black:  I’m culturally motivated, socially engaged and just a person who brightens up the day with my vibrant bubbly personality. I am very warm and caring always care for those around me. I have a winning mentality not afraid to express my opinion and thoughts, I won’t settle for less, because my African Queen my mother taught me to aim for Gold. Overall I fight for what I believe in.

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