Name: Kunmi “K.U.D -MC” Odufuye. (follow @kudo4real)

FAB thing about my name: My full name is “Adekunmi” which means the title (kingship) fills me with great wealth.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Country of residence: Nigeria

Fab Thing about Country of Origin:  Rich in Culture, Tradition and religious beleifs. A cheerful and Insanely optimistic nation despite its challenges. Most populous black nation, with abundant talent. *Don’t believe all that negative hype on CNN*  An emerging nation, rich in the arts, commerce, sports, science n technology.

Occupation: Architect/ Rapper/Photographer/ Stylist/ Aspiring Music Video Director/ Husband/ Dad/Poet/ Writer/ Ribena Junkie/ Superman wannabe/ Jesus freak

Describe Myself in 3 words: Freakin‘ Awesome Believer

What makes me FAB? : Young and Gifted. Living life to its fullest and fulfilling destiny despite the odds/negetivity associated with being born and raised in a “Third World Generation”.

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