FAB thing about your name: My full name is Ivanilda De Fatima dos Reis. Fatima is a tribute name my parents gave me in memory of the moorish princess Fatimas who was captured by chritian crusaders because I was born on the day that celebrates this part of cabo Verde history, 13th October.

Country of origin: Cabe Verde (Cape Verde)

FAB thing about your country of origin: Cabo Verde is very beautiful, the people are peaceful and we have lots of wonderful beaches. I Like this, it’s very quiet here, and our quality of life is good! Our greatest resource is our people!

Country of residence: Cabe Verde.

Occupation: I often say I like to work and mostly in the field of fashion and sports. Currently I am working in a school where I teach physical education and sports. I am a professional model and the current Miss West Africa International title holder which is keeping me quite busy in Cabo Verde!


What makes you FABulous African Black: Fabulous? uauuuuuuuuuuuu … but I think it’s the natural and simple way I live my life!

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  1. Baba De Baba

    I was the official comedian for miss West Africa International in Gambia..
    I was with fatima for about a week in Gambia and I think she is a nice girl.
    I even have pictures of us on my facebook.. You can visit http://www.facebook.com/babadebaba For the pictures.


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