Name: Rekana Sharon Ojong

FAB thing about your name: My native name Rekana, means happiness. And I’m a happy-lucky-going girl.  I get angry for 2mins and that’s it. And my cheerfulness affects the people around me. I also believe everyone has their right to the pursuit of happiness. Sharon means a garden where Jesus is the Rose. So you see, I am sent from heaven(lol)

Country of origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about your country of origin: Her diverse nature and cultures. Our food and weather.  The resilent people and their skin.

Country of residence: Nigeria

Occupation: Fashion Assistant at FAB Magazine

Describe your style in 3 words: Sassy but classy

What makes you FABulous African Black: I know who I am and what I want. I am original and not a copy. I love, believe and respect my culture. The way I was brought up and the ethics I was thought. Can’t find it anywhere. Africans are unique. And you see that thing call suicide? Yo! I’m black. If push comes to shove in any situation, i change my direction and not give up.

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