Name:   Barney Kavai A.K.A  MR ABRA
FAB thing about your name: Barney is a hebrew shortcut name for Barnabas `which means Son of Courage or Son of comfort`
Country of origin: Zimbabwe

FAB thing about your country of origin: Zimbabwe is home and I’m Shona culture. She is very mineral rich,natural vegetation beauty and we have 1 of the 7 wonders of the world “the Victoria falls”- The smoke that Thunder. The highlands is all about mountainous terrains, cruise up or down,one can only fall in love. Our warm-hearted, kind people always welcome you, that’s Zimbabwe, my home.

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Occupation: Business analyst, entreprenuer

Describe yourself in three words: reliable ,passionate ,always-aiming-high.




What makes you FABulous African Black: Africa is motherland -my heritage of which I am a very proud ambassador. I love to take chances and go to extremes, transcending the limits that most people accept. I am all about quality taste, love speed of things and pose natural qualities that inspire others.

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  1. Ally Jane Smith

    Nobody more FAB than Mr Abra ! Be Proud and keep doing your thing !


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