Name: Asake Oluyomi  Afolake Agoro

FAB thing about your name: Most people call me Asake. My immediate family and oldest friends call me Yomi or Folake.
Asake means “Chosen to be Blessed” or “Chosen to be Pampered” and this in a nutshell is the story of my life. Everything I have lay my hands on succeeds, I am extremely blessed in everyway imaginable. Oluyomi means “God saved me”, I was given this name beacuse of circumstances surrounding my birth and up until now God has always saved me from near death experiences. Folake means “Pampered with Wealth” and this was given me by my parents because they have never denied me anything I need. I never lacked anything growing up.

Country of origin: Nigeria/Oyo State

FAB thing about your country of origin: We are resilient in the face of hardship. We are innovative in the face of obstacles. We are strong in times of trauma. We are hopeful in times of sadness. We are powerful. We are blessed. We are FAB.

Country of resident: UK

Occupation: Fashion Designer-AsakeOge Couture, Stylist, Model, Blogger

Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate, Go-getter, Trendsetter

What makes you FABulous African Black: I love God. I am immune to public opinion about how I should dress, talk, look, act or speak. I don’t follow trends, I make trends. Very few people are truly themselves, we are so consumed with what others think of us that we try to live up to these assumed expections and loose ourselves in the process. I am an original. I am proud of my skin colour, my heritage, my culture, my body, my hair, my life. It is who I am. I am beautiful, Independent, Strong, Fearless. I am FAB ! 🙂

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  1. DEJI

    Chosen to be Blessed” or “Chosen to be Pampered”- i like!!!


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