Name: Aisha Shaba

FAB thing about your name or meaning of your name: The fab thing about my name is that According to Arabic origin Aisha means Alive or “she who Lives”. Aisha also means Beautiful, Aisha comes from the most Loyal and humble wife of our beloved prophet Mohammed She was known to be Loyal ,beautiful and his back bone. It is also said that in Asia my Name Aisha means “Meaningful”

Country of origin: I am Nigerian I come from the north where the most powerful leaders of my country originate from.

FAB thing about your country of origin: Fab thing about my country is the freedom, growth and the pure nature of life. We also have a lot of Natural resources.

Country of residence: I live in Nigeria, in Lagos best known as the city that never sleeps. But I’m currently in The United States of America, working on a Project (Africa’s next Hollywood star)

Occupation: I am an actress ( I Play a Character called “Tonye” on MNET’s Tinsel), a model, a stylist, an inspirational speaker and an entrepreneur in my own rights. I am Currently working with a Acting coach, Tracey Moore, and film producer and director, Samad Davis, both from the USA and an opportunity to star alongside African American actor, Morris Chestnut, in a movie project.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Strong, Loving,Charitable

What makes you FAB: What makes me FAB after God is my family, they are the reason I have a drive to keep running the race of life which is to have a purpose and succeed in everything I do.

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