Name: Kendra Oluchi Etufunwa


FAB thing about your name: Kendra-its unique, and it means ‘wise, intelligent and beautiful. My surname means – ‘Don’t Throw away a child when its alive, meaning don’t abandon your kids.


Country of origin: Nigeria


FAB thing about your country of origin: The diverse cultures


Country of residence: South Africa






Occupation: Model, actress, events planner


Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun-loving unpredictable, mysterious


What makes you FABulous African Black: Looking great, amazing self confidence. And a strong determined woman!


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    • Sinem

      Michelle, why would you want to know and what leads you to ask this? Just because she is confident in her skin doesn’t mean she is a porn star, and even if she were, how is it anyone’s business but hers?


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