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Herieth Paul, Lais Riberio & More Tapped For Neiman Marcus “The Art of Fashion” Fall 2014 Campaign


After twenty years of consistently pushing out “Art of Fashion” campaigns, luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus has released imagery for the fall-winter 2014 season.

London-based photographer Nadav Kander took over the imagery this season for a series of surreal shots putting top models in what appears to be boxes as they are pictured standing, sitting, bending and more in trippy situations all the while wearing looks from designer labels

The gorgeous models are clad in luxury brands like Tom Ford, Oscar de La Renta, Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Akris, Burberry, The Row and Valentino.

Models Suvi Koponen, Heather Marks, Herieth Paul, Tian Yi, Lais Ribiero, Soo Joo Park, Mirte Maas, Bruna Tenório, Alana Zimmer, Vlada Roslyakova and Irina Kravchenko take center stage for the images.

Check out more images from the Neiman Marcus “The Art of Fashion” Fall 2014 Campaign below:

neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall01 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall02 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall03 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall04 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall05 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall06 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall07 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall08 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall09 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall11 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall12 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall13 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall14 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall15 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall16 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall17 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall18 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall19 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall20 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall21 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall22 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall23 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall24 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall25 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall26 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall27 neiman-marcus-art-of-fashion-2014-fall28


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