The modern perfect mom and housewife like the character of Marcia Cross as ‘Bree’ in desperate house wives, makes sure she does all her perfect best in keeping her home clean, taking care of her husband and raising the perfect kids with posh manners, but now it’s time to move out of mama bird’s nest and fly, discovering the world to your greatest adventure. She helps you pack your brown moving boxes into your new apartment, as she sobs telling herself “my baby is all grown”. Now that you are all grown-up: wait still she discovers some habits she has taught you not to do; actually are healthy tips which are not bad after all.

  • Snoring : That loud repulsive sound you make at night that disturbs the whole house which leads to everyone putting on their earplugs and pillows over their heads; is actually healthy. bad ha 3

Snoring causes interruption in breathing during sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, it’s an annoying sound that is produced when the muscles in the nose, mouth and throat are well relaxed during your beauty sleep. It is said that the constant breaks in oxygen and blood supply  to the organ , which causes pauses while breathing , strengthens the heart and brains; meaning the body is stronger in preventing its system against heart attack or a stroke.


  • Eating donuts for breakfast: Donuts is actually a hearty morning meal. Am sure you are wondering [what is this writer talking about?], but yeah!, its surprisingly true. Donuts actually helps the brain to produce lots of mood-boosting serotonin during the day. Cool right? bad ha 9


  • Skipping showers: “I will have no smelling child walking around this house” she said to you when you were younger with a straight face. Even when she calls you on the phone when you are at your apartment; some of the questions she ask for are “have you eaten?” and “have you had your bath?” …Not only those showering dries out the skin which produces early wrinkling but when the skin’s natural oils are retained, the elasticity is also retained. bad ha 8And did you know that skin flare like Eczema is reduced by not having shower time regularly?

There are also good bacteria that make healthy balance of skin” says Dr. Gallo of ‘The Times’. So which means your body also produces their own anti bodies that fight off the bad bacteria.


  • Farting: humans who hold in their farts can lead to severe stomach pain which makes you very uncomfortable. Farting causes the blood vessels to relax and lowers blood pressure; also help prevent hypertension [high blood pressure]. But one advice: don’t make it a sordid habit, affecting others around you.

bad ha 6


  • Coffee, more coffee, and more coffee:no you can’t have coffee every time” mom says, “here – have a glass of water or juice instead” she continues. Coffee not alone enhances athletics performances but also increases mental alertness and protects you against serious diseases such as liver, colon cancer and asthma. Caffeine helps activate the brain chemicals which regulates your mood. 3 cups of coffee daily has 15% lower risk of depression. Also is speeds up your metabolism; reducing the risk of gallstones and kidney stones, cuts the risk of age- related diabetes. So a coffee date by 2pm won’t be a bad idea, don’t you think so?

bad ha 4


  • Not brushing your teeth after meals: “go and brush your teeth” says mom, after you drop your plates into the sink. Wait still she knows that brushing your teeth immediately after an acidic meal or drink attacks the teeth, eroding enamel and the layer below it, called dentin. You could actually push the acid deeper into the enamel and the dentin. Brushing in 20 minutes after drinking soda can increase in dentin loss, so you should perhaps wait for like 30 or 60 minutes before you brush.

bad ha 2


  • Not cleaning the dishes early: This is one thing that would make mom flip. Sure she doesn’t know that washing dishes quickly after meals with a liquid wash can increase the risk of being exposed to dangerous drug- resitants bugs. There are dangerous bugs which grow like wildfire once the weaker bugs aren’t there to crowd them out. An advice is to wait a little while and wash the dishes with dish soap and hot water after eating. So don’t be in a rush, you can still enjoy your favourite TV show while the dishes await you inside the kitchen sink.

bad ha 7


  • Drinking: drinking isn’t a bad habit as people think it is. Guess what? –  drinking can boot your artery – clearing HD2 cholesterol levels by 10 percent , reduces any risk of heart diseases, helps with memory problems and even improves full-blown Alzheimer’s disease. So can I hear someone say – cheers!

bad ha 1

so have fun as you enjoy the best of both worlds .

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