Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good hat… especially for those bad hair days which seem to frequent me more often than not.

A hat can be the hottest summer accessory and can really jazz a plain outfit up, tone a loud outfit down and hats also protect your hair and head from heat damage, FABulous!.

Next pay day I’m going summer attire shopping!… These last fews weeks of random scorching days in the UK has made me realize how Winter my wardrobe still is… The only thing screaming Summer to me is my mini gathering of sunglasses on my desk… well sunglasses mixed with jumpers is not getting me in the mood!! I need hats, summer dresses and sandals/flip flops…

No doubt a naughty bag/pair of shoes/make-up bits and toiletries will jump into my basket on my shop… Oohh just remember I NEED the BARRY M nail effects nail polish FAB Assistant Editor Cindy talked about recently tooooo…  Okay that can go on the list but before I think of anything else I have been searching online and here are my fav hats of the moment in which some WILL be sitting in my wardrobe by the end of the month…

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  1. Sinem

    Hahahah Nics, no surprise there! From the Hat Lady herself, nice one! Love the Catarzi hat – so 70s! And the All Saints one reminds me of your Mr Bear :)


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