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Been a while I blogged. In that while quite a lot has been going on in the world of FAB, some good, some not so good, and some great.

Our Editor and mega boss/superwoman (and of-course my wife – yes I am proud to put that in lol, she is the beauty to your left), was in hospital for a little while for a few weeks on on off that ended with her having to undergo a major operation, although it was a real scary period for us, she is now fine and all is well. This happened just as we were putting our latest issue “The COOL ISSUE” to bed (to the printers), here is our workaholic Editor, a few hrs before she is supposed to be going in for a major operation, in pain and still working on her blackberry (I seized the ipad but could not part her from the blackberry)

FAB Editor working on her hospital bed

It was so great to see her up on her feet and able to go out to a fashion event “Fashion Mist”  just a few days after her operation. She was so keen to attend as it is her belief we MUST encourage the up and coming African fashionistas and designers out there.

FAB Editor Sinem with Rachel Williams

FAB Editor with Rihanne Benson @ Fashion Mist

Also our Super duper GM Nicola had an operation on Tuesday, she came out of the operating theatre at about 5pm and I swear by 6pm we started receiving work emails from her. I know she is dedicated but we all thought it was ridiculous so Sinem, our fashion intern Makeda & I jumped into the car, drove all the way to Essex to FORCE her to stop working (and to cheer her up with a little something from us at FAB). We got introduced to her cat Mason, who is just a “chicken” as he would not socialise with anyone (I say thank God to that) :). She is forced to stay in bed for the next 6 weeks and we hope she will watch lots of videos and just take it easy, but knowing her, she will work almost every moment of that 6 weeks… SIGH!!! LOL

Nicola cuddling her little pressie from the FAB Family

FAB GM Nicola showing off her new foot accessory :)

As this has been going on, we at FAB Magazine have delivered to the world our latest issue, our 5th issue, THE COOL ISSUE, one of our best issues yet, we have the amazing Loick Essein as the male cover and Rhian Benson as our Female cover, there is something for everyone in this issue, after all we have a bumper 208 pages for you to thumb through.


In the UK, visit your nearest WHSmith store or local corner shop for your copy of this amazing issue.
In Nigeria, your local street vendors will have this issue on the streets now, also available in most retail shops. Ghana sales of the Cool Issue starts next week.
We will also be on sale on more that 360+ Barnes and Nobles and 70+ Borders as well as independent stores across the United States from 27 April.
South Africa, Australia, Germany & Belgium will have this issue for sale from the last week in April. So those of you out there, watch out, the new issue of FAB is on it’s way.


As you can see folks, we at FAB work through it all to bring you our amazing and FABulous magazine every quarter. Please do go out and get your copy and let us know what you think of our work, we love any feedback.


I end this post with a picture of the silent boss of Sinem, the “eveil cat as I call him” JAZZ. He always seems to be lurking around wherever people are, something for Mason to learn from Nicola.

Eveil Cat JAZZ

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  1. Miss O

    Awww Sinem you look FAB with Rachel Williams and Rhian Benson your tough cookie.. And I love you guys for coming to see mee :). love the FABulous gifts toooo! The book is amazing! I need to post-it note my room with bits and bobs.. Mason still fights with the bear but it hasnt got a bell thing on it so he’s not as interested.. I very very very regrettably somehow managed to erase the recording you done me :'(.. I played it and it was just muffled sounds with telly background.. id been leaning on it!!.. So i taped myself sayin masons name and asking ‘where’s the bear?’ which he likes and his face!! haha was so funny!… Love the pic of Jazz.. such a character.. him and mason would get on well.. I think.. judging by their liasons via bbm/facebook/text (cats nowadays ay!) but is Jazz is wearing a bell he may have to watch out.. Mason is not a wimp yeah!!.. haha.. no he’s not!.. Just doesnt like peope! lool but Jazz is big he may think just run.. probably.. lol :-)


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