FABulous Ankara mixed with jeans ruled Gloria’s very edgy collection. Exposed zippers, boxy shoulders, angular bits, tail skirts, colored socks and leather gloves styled giving it a funky vibe. ever have we seen thigh-high double slits so tastefully done a la floaty, fluidy maxi skirts. It was a semi-grunge inspired collection; light weight see through jersey fabrics tailored into harem pants and roughly cut jeans. It was everything vibrant as she embraced and infused the fuky prints and patterns of Africa.










Photography by REZE BONNA & CHYDER for Reze Bonna Studio

Image Edits : SUBYSINEM


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2 Responses to ARISE MAGAZINE FASHION WEEK LAGOS 2012 AMFWL : Gloria Wavamuno

  1. Lorraine says:

    I loved this collection. I like her work. It’s not the frilly ankara African dress that I am bore of Classy, chic and wearable. I HYPE those jeans.

  2. FAN says:

    I love it, its very Afri-mode! I can see this in H&M Africa. Love,Love,love. Lots of summer inspiration with edge.

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