FAB-Magazine-Kanye-and-chris'-verdict-in-Los-angeles.jpg4 Los Angeles’ law goes hard on America’s heavy weight celebrities Kanye West and Chris Brown for violating the laws that govern the state.

‘Bound’ singer Kanye West  faces a misdemeanour charge for the paparazzo assault in Washington DC, which will be heard on April 17.


Kanye assaulting the paparazzo in LA

The 36-year-old rapper pled no contest to the one count of battery  in connection to a lawsuit filed against him in 2013 for attacking a photographer who was trying to take photos of the rapper at the Los Angeles International Airport.

West was given 2 years  probation and ordered to do 250 hours of community service. He is also required to complete 24 sessions of a level-two anger management program. In 2008, Kanye previously had a fight with photographers at the same airport but cases were dismissed after he completed the first anger management treatment.


Poor photographer been beaten by the ‘Bound’ singer in LA

He also settled another case outside the court earlier this year, against a man he allegedly fought after he had used racial insults against Kanye and his bride to be Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, ‘Don’t Judge Me’ singer Chris Brown was transferred to a correctional facility in Los Angeles after he was kicked out of a court ordered rehab centre on Friday in connection with a 2009 conviction for beating his on and off ex girlfriend Rihanna.

It has now been decreed that the pop singer will remain in jail until the next hearing on April 23, 2014 in Washington DC.


Chris brown looking sober in court

The 24-year-old singer was led into court in an orange jumpsuit regardless of requests from his lawyer that he be allowed to wear casual clothes. Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins, sobbed as the judge declined his bail request and ordered he should be kept behind bars.


Lawyer, Mark Geragos, pleaded Brown’s case,

Chris had been kicked out of rehab after “rubbing elbows” with a female, refusing to take a drug test and making threats during group therapy, reportedly saying “I am good at using guns and knives.”

‘Bound 2’ Kanye West

‘Don’t Judge Me’


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  1. vicky

    ok , now nobody is above the Law here, regardless of ur millions, and ur celebrated level

  2. Michelle Spice

    Chris Brown get a hold of yourself! Don’t go down the same destructive path the others do because africans in your country never come out too well from their issues and situations..

    You’re way too talented to be doing these things to yourself.. Wake up and get out!

  3. Michelle Spice

    Hey vicki, I don’t know if you know america or have ever lived there but the societal rules, justice and laws are very different for africans there! So climb down off your high horse and don’t treat this your man as if he’s not a contributor in that system!

    We all make mistakes, I guess you don’t eh! Only if night could turn into day!


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