Gospel singer, Deitrick Haddon has finally addressed his viral nude selfie issue. Just a few months ago nude pictures of the ‘Preachers of LA’ star surfaced on the internet and this, did not go down well with fans of the former pastor who had been involved in a few scandals that year.

First was the announcement of his divorce from his wife of almost 15 years Damita and then he commenced marriage plans with the mother of his infant daughter, Dominique (who is currently his wife) put him in the spotlight.


Dominique, Deitrick & daughter

According to the media, the pictures were released by a lady named Simone, who is the woman he allegedly cheated on his first wife (Damita) with.

Deitrick Haddon spoke about the alleged penis photos during an interview with HipHopHollywood  on the red carpet at the BET Annual Celebration of the Gospel.


The 40-year-old singer simply said, “You just live, nobody is perfect out there. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made my mistakes in my life and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of this camera that has not made a mistake…The only difference is us being in the spotlight and we are preachers and we are held to a different standard. Sometimes we fall short just being human. The only thing you can do is just keep moving and keep going.”

Without confirming or denying the viral photo, he threw a quick joke on the red carpet asking: “Whose picture is that?”

Deitrick Haddon had better learn from his mistakes this time.

‘He’s Able’

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