Yesterday evening, I got home from work and decided to go out to get some dvds. When I got to the store, I heard some guys talking about how we don’t know anything about cars, other than driving them. I felt like interrupting their discussion to tell them these but that would have been way too rude. I decided to blog about it and I hope  they read this.

It baffles me when guys say we don’t know anything about cars, I just think they don’t have a clue. We know enough about cars to know what we want, what reflects our personalities, what works for us and what doesn’t at every point in our lives. I’m sure some guys are saying they know these things too but I’m here to tell you you don’t.

How often can you tell a guy’s personality from the kinda car he drives? I’d say, you seldom can. How many guys buy cars for reasons other than “I’m buying a car so that I can be mobile” or some other weird reason? What happened to buying something because it is who you are?? Y’all don’t care about that so you better chill on the “girls don’t know anything about cars” ish.

Everything a girl owns reflects her personality, no matter how little it is. We don’t just buy things for buying sake (even though it looks like that most times), we think before we do anything. Here are some categories of girls and their cars.

The Boss Lady: When a girl owns a range rover, a G wagon or any other dope suv, you just know she’s a diva (female version of a hustler), you see her and you can almost tell that she runs a business….. Hers or not. She’s a boss lady.






The Diva: If she own a Benz, you know she’s a chic who’s got IT. Class, style, cash and most of all, she doesn’t care what you think. She gets what she wants. Just incase you’re a dude and you’re interested in her, be careful, she might not be the nicest the first time you meet her because she knows “she don’t need no man to get a Benz” that quote is from a movie but I can’t remember the title now so……








The Barbie: If she owns a convertible or a porsche of any kind, she’s a girly girl. Maybe a brat, maybe not. She’s sweet and she knows how to have her. She might appear dumb but trust me, she isn’t. She”s smart enough to make you look stupid.







The Blazer girl: She owns one of those corporate looking cars, she’s the working class young lady, she’s nice and calm and polished and she wants to be and MD and stuffs like that. She your 9-5 girl.

Anyways, I’m just trying to say we know what suits who we are and we get ‘em. I like how everything we own reflects who we are.

So dvd store dudes and all others who think we don’t know ish about cars, look outta the window, you might just see a boss lady driving by. Lol.

Watch this space y’all,  I have something special coming up really soooon! XOXO!

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  1. Suby

    It interesting to see a womanise point of view here regarding something that normally would be considered the domain of men, after all “what do women know about cars and driving.” LOL

    Since as a guy I know nothing about cars, it was nice to see how you women may see yourselves car wise, the “Blazer girl and the diva” cracked me up. Nice read.


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