Justin-Bieber-Live-Red-Carpet-australia-2012-justin-bieber-31492520-1702-2560It seems sweet and adorable Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has become a hate online among the boxer Manny Pacquiao fans after the funny pictures he posted on his instagram of Pacquiao knockout loss between Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez fourth fight held in Las Vegas December 9th 2012

manny-pacquiao_300x430Bieber posted three instagram photos on his account where one of the photos showed Manny about to have the finally hard knock from Mayweather before seeing the animated birds tweeting around his head along with stars, with caption “No Competition”’

Another picture showed Paquiao where he seemed to be in pain as he synched in performing on stage with late king of pop ,Michael Jackson doing the famous signature lean forward move in ‘Smooth Criminal’ with caption “Pacquiao doing the lean with M.J … classic moment.”

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Also another picture which showed little Simba, from  ‘The Lion King’ trying emotionally to wake Manny after being knocked down with the popular look of … “help, somebody help, anybody…”  which caption reads “Dad wake up”.         justn funny

Justin posts about Manny apparently had a lot of fans upset, saying he would have been more sensitive and responsible of his words and Actions toward Pacquiao . More than 100,000 comments were registered as ‘LIKE’ towards his post. Various comments from fans saying “he has a very great sense of humor”, “he’s really funny” , “I love you Justin”, and one by Swagrauhljab saying “you’re judging Justin Just because of his joke! ,Guy, I think you should know him first”.

Bieber hasn’t had any media scandal like this from his fans recently, or could it be that he’s acting his age now that Miss Gomez is out of his side?

Justin is a young lively star, and at his age jokes are allowed to be expressed on any social media (which boys his age definitely do). With the pictures and edits it seems he was having fun just like a young person his age will. I hope from this he has learnt that as a mega pop star selecting your words verbally or non-verbally should be thought about and picked careful – because the world is watching every move.



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